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Sha' Cannon, Expert Advocate

Sha' Cannon, Expert Advocate

Atlanta, United States · 11 items

Autographed Copy: From Content To Book Draft (shipping included)

I have compiled the information from my signature seminar "How To Write A Book" and tips from my coaching program for use by anyone that is ready to write a book. These tips are for fiction and non-fiction writers alike. This book will be a reference and workbook for the information you need to write a book in a timely, organized manner to ensure that you complete your work to publication. Even if you are a natural talent when it comes to writing, included are tips on the literary industry, basic marketing, creating time to write, and more.

This book is available on for $9.97 + shipping. However, get an autographed copy directly from me for $9.97 + $5.75 shipping ($15.72)!

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